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If you want to document for our ongoing Project Lean European Open Survey on SARS-COV-19 (LEOSS):

Project Lean European Open Survey on SARS-COV-19 (LEOSS)

Clinical surveys: For participants

How does clinicalsurveys.net work?

After a short registration process by email with our team assistant Ms Will, you are provided with a password to log into the clinicalsurveys.net portal. Under "survey list" in the left-hand navigation, you find a list of active surveys you might want to contribute to. Upon selecting a survey, you are provided with a list of patients you have already added to the survey. Here, you can create new patients and proceed to data entry or revise or complete data of patients entered into the system at an earlier time.

Why should I contribute?

In general, most surveys provide financial compensation for your work. Also, many provide authorship for publications to major contributants. For details, please check with the general information provided by each surveys.

How does data entry work?

Data entry is self-explanatory. First, add a patient to the survey. You will be asked to provide a unique identifier. Please keep in mind, that this identifier has to be anonymous and may not allow anyone to guess the real name. Please also keep in my mind that queries may be raised concerning the data you provided; you therefore should keep a list of patient IDs and their according real names and birth dates so you can review the patient file at a later time. Once you have created the patient in the system, save him and go back to overview. The patient is now enrolled in your patient list. You will also note a red traffic light next to the patient, indicating incomplete documentation. Please note, that if you forcefully skip needed data during the survey, this light will turn green upon survey completion, even if there is still important data missing.

You may start the documentation process by clicking on the little pen next to the patient's name. You will then be directed to the actual data entry. Please answer all the questions one by one until you've reached the end of the page. Click Next. Your data will immediately be checked for missing values or obvious mistakes/typos. If the software notes any problems, you will then have a chance to revise your data. In the case that you cannot provide that data, you may also choose to continue anyway. All data will be saved and stored as soon as you have moved to the next page. If you desire, you may discontinue documentation at any time and return later. Just click the pen next to the patient again and the survey will restart. You may use the pulldown box on top of each page to jump to later survey pages immediately.

Clinical surveys: For researchers

Why ClinicalSurveys.net?

Surveys provide researchers with demographic or epidemiologic data. These data are of critical interest for research of rare diseases, where sufficiently scaled clinical trials involve a tremendous amount of organization and financial resources. Here, well-designed surveys may provide answers to questions that cannot be investigated by other means. Surveys also allow to provide basic data for statistical assumptions when planning clinical trials. However, while being a powerful tool, many clinicians are lacking the time and financial resources to set up an online survey on their own. Others get frustrated by technical difficulties or poor quality of data entry. At the same time, clinicians willing to contribute to clinical surveys lack the overview of what kind of data is currently needed by whom. ClinicalSurveys.net aims to provide researchers and clinicians with an easy-to-use portal, allowing rapid setup of clinical surveys followed by straightforward data entry.

How does ClinicalSurveys.net work?

ClinicalSurveys.net employs a customized version of Globalpark's internationally acclaimed EFS Survey and EFS Leadership technology to provide the user with an easy-to-use online documentation system. GlobalPark technology allows rapid and intuitive survey development on the administrative side. This includes a vast amount of question types, multilanguage support, powerful layout features, automatic alerting systems, and complex real-time plausibility checks. At the same time, the user is provided with a straightforward, high-performance documentation system accessible from virtually every browser on every platform in the world.

How do I set up my own survey?

We invite both academic researchers and companies to conduct surveys using the ClinicalSurveys.net platform. Please contact us for details on procedures and pricing.

Can I use ClinicalSurveys.net to conduct clinical trials?

Currently, you cannot. Or better: You should not. The database system behind ClinicalSurveys.net was created for optimal performance in epidemiological and demographical surveys. It does not support audit trailing or multiple levels of access permissions needed for conducting prospective clinical trials in concordance with the guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (GCP). However, with access security and frequent automatic data backup, good epidemiological practice guidelines are completely fulfilled.

Clinical surveys: Who is behind ClinicalSurveys.net?

ClinicalSurveys.net was created by researchers of the University Hospital of Cologne to fulfill their very own research needs. The service is currently provided at cost price. None of the creators receive any financial gain from the site operation. Any net gain generated by this site is reinvested into staff and equipment of the Clinical Trials Unit Cologne.


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